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For over 40 years, Superlock customers have enjoyed premium products that provide a sense of security in their homes. Superlock is the leading manufacturer of security doors in Israel, and has expanded its business far beyond the local market. The company distributes its products in over 30 countries worldwide, and has become an international player that collaborates with some of the leading, renowned product design firms in the world. The company has over 30 branches throughout Israel. Each gives customers the opportunity to experience the enormous selection of interior and exterior doors, as well as the INFINITY series. INFINITY technology has made it possible to manufacture doors with hidden and strong hinges that can withstand break-in attempts, a powerful wing structure, and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Our enhanced designs will give the entrance to your home a unique appearance, without compromising your security. Superlock – Because with prestige comes responsibility.

1. Patented SL lock with self-destruct mechanism.
2. A special frame design using concrete pouring - forms a monolith of equal strength with the wall.
3. Two 1.5mm thick alloy steel sheets and U-shaped stiffeners. welded together at 200 points.
4. Filler providing acoustic and thermal insulation.
5. Peephole - viewing angle 200°
6. Decorative coating.
7. End valve - additional lock.
8. Rubber seal.
9. Anti-removable pins.
10. Retractable lock bolts.
11. Retractable part - insert.