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Ormosia guarantees to captivate your attention with its dark, deep, rich tones that occasionally are highlighted with
shades of lighter wood. Kuku exhibits very familiar colours and textures that can be found in some of the more recognizable
hardwoods like American Walnut. 

The difference, however, is in Ormosia’s unique dark swirling patterns that result in each plank becoming a distinctive
part of the finished floor. The extreme changes in the grain gives Ormosia floors a dynamic, constantly fresh approach
with which more traditional floors can not compete.

Ormosia fits comfortably in both rustic and formal settings. Its very beautiful chocolate colour blends smoothly in settings
from libraries to studies and offices, where its beautiful colour is simply breathtaking. Kuku is truly a floor that is both
versatile and fresh; it is very seldom offered outside its native tropical country.